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It is the mission of Roane County Schools to provide each student with the best educational opportunities possible and to assist each child in reaching his/her maximum potential-academically, emotionally, physically, and socially.

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Spencer Elementary School Students Experience Their Own Drums Alive!

Miss. Bowen and Ms. Albert were inspired by a "Drums Alive" production that they saw when they were looking for some cooperative teaching projects. "We needed activities that we could do together in order to make sure we covered our content standards for the year." This activity combines the benefits of movement with music and rhythm. It is an activity that all age groups, all fitness levels or physical limitations can do.

"Instead of using a drum to beat out a rhythm you drum on an exercise ball that sits on a bucket. It gives you a chance to be that rock star you always wanted to be" shares Ms. Albert. The cost of the equipment was going to be too much for the music or physical education department to handle so Ms. Albert and Miss Bowen approached their faculty senate. The two teachers stated, "Thanks to our staff we were able to purchase 30 sets of balls, buckets, and sticks. We have a wonderful staff that will always go the extra mile to help a worthy cause."

Students have only had one lesson so far, but the teachers hope to build up skills so we (students and teachers) are using lots of energy and drumming fast paced rhythms that leave students feeling excited and revived!

Some students shared their opinion about this new fun activity for their physical education and music classes.

Student "L.T.": "It was something that involved music, and it was fun. It's incredible!"

Student "C.O.": "It was inspiring to me. It let all the stress out. It was exciting!"

Student "A.S.": "It was awesome! It was a cool game. I'd like to do it with other kinds of music."

Student "C.K": "It gave your arms a work out! I like it when we got to drum on the ball really, really fast. I would like to do it again!"

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